TMWSuite Specifics: Database Process Hooks

One of the greatest strengths of TMWSuite is flexibility.  The system is highly configurable, not only with numerous settings, but the functionality to implement your own code at certain key events for further customization. Update_Move_PostProcessing How Does It Work? Update_Move_PostProcessing is likely the most recognizable custom event by far, as it is the most commonly… Read More

Business Intelligence #1: Defining Data Elements

If you’ve worked in Transportation, you are undoubtedly familiar with the following request: What is our __________ Per Mile? This is a core metric that almost every carrier measures for pricing with customers, pay for drivers, cost and profitability analysis, and more. The first step to answering this question is the hardest.  We need to determine the definition… Read More

Troubleshooting TMWSuite Database Performance

I’m occasionally asked to troubleshoot database performance in TMWSuite, usually by new customers experiencing slow performance in TMWSuite or preparing to purchase hardware upgrades to ensure they are justified. Most often I find that poor optimization of the SQL Server and TMWSuite database itself or sub-optimal usage of the TMWSuite platform (e.g. creating load boards… Read More

TotalMail Connection Throttling

We’ve recently encountered a repeated issue with the “Agents” in the TotalMail application that relay between the Mobile Communications provider(s) and TMWSuite, which we have deemed “TotalMail Connection Throttling”. This has recurred enough that we wanted to highlight the situation and solution applied in case it can assist others with similar issues.  If you suspect that you are experiencing… Read More